It is no secret that tea is good for you. As the wonderful graphic shows, there are so many wonderful health benefits of tea that I am surprised that more people do not drink it for their health. However, tea is only as good as the quality of the tea leaves. When I purchase tea, I make sure that it is organic and packaged in unbleached tea bags. Why is this important? First, because if tea leaves have been heavily sprayed with pesticides, you will consume those pesticides each and every time you drink your cup of tea. Second, if you drink tea what comes in pristine white tea bags, you will be drinking bleach with your coffee. (HINT: This holds true for coffee filters as well.)

Quality matter with tea. Always purchase tea that is organic, non-GMO and has bleach-free teabags. My personal favorite is Buddha Teas. Have a delicious cuppa tea and enjoy the wonderful health benefits at the same time!

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