The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) has been called a strict version of Paleo, which certain foods are eliminated in order to help heal a person’s autoimmune disease.  Since the foods eliminated in AIP are chocolate as well as certain nuts and seeds, finding dessert and treat recipes can be challenging. Thus, I have compiled a list of AIP-friendly desserts and treats to help you on your journey with healing! Not following the AIP lifestyle? These recipes are delicious regardless!

See my AIP-Friendly Main Dish Recipes post for more idea about what to eat when following an AIP lifestyle.


AIP Friendly Maple Shortbread (courtesy of Paleo Parents)

AIP Honey Graham Crackers (courtesy of Beyond the Bite)

AIP Maple Caramel Chews & Maple Caramel Fudge (courtesy of Grazed and Enthused)

AIP No Bake Cookies (courtesy of Cook It Up Paleo)

AIP Paleo Apple Cider Doughnuts (courtesy of Cook It Up Paleo)

AIP Salted “Chocolate” Cream Pie (courtesy of Grazed and Enthused)

(AIP) Shortbread Cookies (courtesy of The Bacon Mum)

AIP Strawberry Shortcake (courtesy of Gutsy By Nature)

AIP Tigernut Cassava Brownies (courtesy of Cook It Up Paleo)

Apple Crisp (courtesy of The Curious Coconut)

Banana Muffins (courtesy of Empowered Sustenance)

Banana Bread (courtesy of He Won’t Know It’s Paleo)

Banana Cinnamon Teacake (courtesy of Healing Family Eats)

Blackberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies (courtesy of Don’t Eat the Spatula)

Blueberry Bliss Bars (courtesy of My Whole Food Life)

Blueberry Kuchen (courtesy of Fresh Tart)

Blueberry Lemon Pie (courtesy of Strictly Delicious)

Bottomless Key Lime Pie with Whipped Lemon Coconut Cream (courtesy of The Tasty Alternative)

Carob Snacking Cake (courtesy of Paleo Parents)

Caramel Swirl Cake Square (courtesy of Personally Paleo)

Cassava Flour Iced Sugar Cookies (courtesy of Beyond the Bite)

Cherry Pie Bars (courtesy of The Paleo Mom)

Cherry Turnovers (courtesy of Don’t Eat the Spatula)

Chewy “Chocolate” Chunk Cookies (courtesy of Flame to Fork)

Chunky Monkey Banana Bread Blondies (courtesy of Beyond the Bite)

“Chocolate” Cake (courtesy of A Clean Plate)

“Chocolate” Carob Bread with Date Caramel Spread (courtesy of Heartbeet Kitchen)

“Chocolate” Carob Fudge (courtesy of The Paleo Mom)

Classic Apple Pie (courtesy of Autoimmune Paleo)

Cranberry Molasses Spice Cookies (courtesy of Gutsy By Nature)

Cranberry Orange Cookies (courtesy of Food and Sunshine)

Creamy Paleo Lemon Squares (courtesy of Beyond the Bite)

Dairy-Free Mint Chip Ice Cream (courtesy of The Curious Coconut)

Flourless Cake Brownies with Mint-Chocolate Frosting (courtesy of Grazed and Enthused)

Gingerbread Men (courtesy of Beyond the Bite)

Grain-Free Apple Berry Crumb Pie (courtesy of Tasty Yummies)

Honey Grahams (courtesy of Beyond the Bite)

Jam-Filled Thumbprint Cookies (courtesy of Delicious Obsessions)

Lemon Tart (courtesy of Healing Family Eats)

Maple Glazed Snickerdoodles (courtesy of The Curious Coconut)

Molasses Spice Cookies (courtesy of Sweet Potatoes and Social Change)

N’Oatmeal Creme Pies (courtesy of He Won’t Know It’s Paleo)

Paleo Oreo Cookie (courtesy of Forest and Fauna)

Paleo Peach Cobbler (courtesy of Gutsy By Nature)

Paleo Shortbread Cookies (With Coconut Flour) (courtesy of Empowered Sustenance)

Pear and Parsnip Teacake (courtesy of Healing Family Eats)

Pumpkin Bars (courtesy of AIP Lifestyle)

Raspberry Valentine Cake (courtesy of Autoimmune Paleo)

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (courtesy of Primale Palate)

Salted Caramel Paleo Blondies (courtesy of Empowered Sustenance)

Shortbread (courtesy of Eat Heal Thrive)

Skillet Apple Crisp (courtesy of Strictly Delicious)

Skillet Peach Crumble (courtesy of Goodies Against the Grain)

Southern Style Strawberry “Jello” Cake (courtesy of The Curious Coconut)

Starbucks Copycat Pumpkin Scones (courtesy of Unconventional Baker)

Sticky Ginger Pudding (courtesy of Healing Family Eats)

Strawberries and Cream Tart (courtesy of Delicious Obsessions)

Strawberry Mousse (courtesy of A Girl Worth Saving)

Sugar Detox Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Toasted Walnuts (courtesy of PaleOMG)

Sugar(less) Cutout Cookies (courtesy of Don’t Eat the Spatula)

Sweet Potato Raisin AIP Scones (courtesy of Cook It Up Paleo)

Tigernut Raisin Cookies (courtesy of Enjoying This Journey)

Turkish Delight Gummies (courtesy of Paleo Partridge)

Zesty Lemon + Coconut Cheesecake Bites (courtesy of The Foodie Teen)

4 thoughts on “AIP-Friendly Desserts and Treats

  1. Thank you so much for including my pumpkin scones in your recommendations 🙂 AIP treats can be tricky — I hope this lists makes it easier for people to find something they can enjoy healthily!

  2. Jillian says:

    The fudgiest brownies arent AIP as they call for eggs, cocoa and butter. None of which are AIP.

    1. Easily Paleo says:

      I do apologize. I added the wrong link, which I have completely removed. Thank you so much for letting me know. It was a complete oversight.

  3. Thanks for including my Caramel Swirl Cake Squares! 🙂

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