Girl Scout Cookies are popular. In fact, they are wildly popular for a brief period of time each year. I assume it is only due to their availability for such a short period of time. It is definitely not due to wholesome ingredients and bang for your buck. (Seriously, those tiny cookies are expensive!) Therefore, I have compiled a list of Paleo Girl scout cookies knock-off recipes (cookies as well as other tasty treats) made from real ingredients and can be enjoyed anytime of year.

I hope you enjoy! Please comment about which Girl Scout cookies knock-off is your favorite! However, please refrain from comments that cavemen did not eat Girl Scout Cookies. We know this already. 🙂

Please check back as I add to the list!


Grain Free Do-Si-Dos (Peanut Butter Sandwiches) (courtesy of Brittany Angell)


Girl Scout Cookie Samoa Biscotti (courtesy of Camp Makery)

Gluten Free Samoa Cookies (courtesy of Brittany Angell)

Homemade Grain Free Samoas (courtesy of Colorful Eats)

Paleo Samoas (courtesy of Merit + Fork)

Sinless Samoas (courtesy of Eating Bird Food)

Somoa Donuts (courtesy of PaleOMG)


Paleo Peanut Butter Patties (courtesy of Elana’s Pantry)

Tagalongs (courtesy of Paleo Fondue)

Thin Mints

Grain Free Thin Mint Mini Cupcakes (courtesy of Holistically Engineered)

Homemade Thin Mints (courtesy of All Day I Dream About Food)

Paleo Skinny Mint Cookies (courtesy of Live Strong)

Paleo Thin Mint Cookies (courtesy of FED + fit)

Paleo Thin Mints (courtesy of Elana’s Pantry)

Paleo Thin Mints (courtesy of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)

Thin Mints (courtesy of Paleo Crumbs)

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