It is that time of year again: Valentine’s Day! Honestly, when I was single, I used to dread this time of year. Everything heart-shaped with love everywhere. Now that I am married, I have changed my mind about Valentine’s Day. ¬†However, I did not change my mind because I have someone to give me flowers on that day. On the contrary, I changed my mind because I FINALLY realized that Valentine’s Day is not just about getting flowers and having a dinner date. Valentine’s Day is about showing love to others: your spouse, children, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or to anyone who needs love (and everyone needs love). These treats can be shared with anyone at all just to show him or her that you care. If nothing else, make a treat for yourself to enjoy!

3-Ingredient Strawberry White Chocolate Candies (courtesy of The Spunky Coconut)

Almond Double Thumbprint Heart Cookies (courtesy of Wicked Good Kitchen)

Cherry Cream Pies with Chocolate Macaroon Crust (courtesy of The Urban Poser)

Chewy Paleoleos (courtesy of The Spunky Coconut)

Chocolate and Raspberry Torte (courtesy of Primal Palate)

Chocolate Covered Cherries (courtesy of Elana’s Pantry)

Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons (courtesy of Elana’s Pantry)

Chocolate Sweetheart Cookies (courtesy of Paleo Crumbs)

Coconut-Raspberry “Cheesecake” (courtesy of Autoimmune Paleo)

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Pot de Creme (courtesy of Primal Palate)

DIY Box of Paleo Chocolates (courtesy of Paleo Parents)

Grain-Free Sugar Cookies (courtesy of Against All Grain)

Healthier Raspberry Truffles (courtesy of Texanerin Baking)

Homemade Paleo Cherry Tarts (courtesy of Cavegirl cuisine)

Homemade Pink Beet Marshmallows (courtesy of Purely Twins)

Lemon-Raspberry Gelatin Gummies (courtesy of Autoimmune Paleo)

Maple Meringue Kisses with Raspberry Frosting (courtesy of The Urban Poser)

Meyer Lemon and Raspberry Cream Tarts (courtesy of The Urban Poser)

Orange Coconut Cream Filled Chocolates (courtesy of Food Doodles)

Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Truffles (courtesy of The Big Man’s World)

Paleo Flourless Chocolate Cake with Berry Sauce (courtesy of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)

Paleo Strawberry Shortcakes (Bite Sized) (courtesy of Rubies and Radishes)

Paleo Valentine’s Day Candy (courtesy of Worth Every Chew)

Paleo White Chocolate Strawberry Pistachio Biscotti  (courtesy of Thriving on Paleo)

Queen of Hearts Tart (courtesy of Paleo Parents)

Raspberry Chocolates (courtesy of The Paleo Mama)

Raspberry Peppermint Bark (courtesy of Autoimmune Paleo)

Raspberry Valentine Cake (courtesy of Autoimmune Paleo)

Red Velvet Cake (courtesy of Paleo Fondue)

Spicy Red Velvet Brownies (courtesy of Paleo in PDX)

Strawberry Meringues (courtesy of Cavegirl Cuisine)

Strawberry Mousse (courtesy of A Girl Worth Saving)

Strawberry Tartlets (courtesy of Primal Palate)

Vanilla-Strawberry and Raspberry Coconut Macaroons (courtesy of The Urban Poser)

White Chocolate Pomegranate Bark (courtesy of Plaid and Paleo)

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